Landscape Design Tasks for Your Kids

Landscape design is a way to make your home more inviting and attractive to people. Landscape design is not only a craft but also a fun activity for children.

Here are some tips to make landscape design an enjoyable task for children:

Landscaping Charleston SC can be a family task. This is a time for family members to get together and bond. This time could be used to encourage children to learn about plants and flowers. As they help water the plants or get rid of them, youngster will be very effective.

You should allow children to play in your yard. The children could decorate the yard and place their toys there. To make the playground more attractive to children, it could be landscaped.

A yard can be used to teach children the importance of caring for plants. Parents could show their children how to take care of living things such as butterflies and horticulture as part of your yard maintenance routine. This could be a way to educate them and prepare them to become responsible adults.

The yard could be used by the children as their backyard. Moms and dads will be able to enjoy the space and look at their children while they are there. This is a great way to spend quality time with your children, rather than doing all the gardening yourself.

Parents could encourage their children to start a garden of their own. It is important that they are motivated to plant in both small and large pots. It will also help moms and dads to organize the yard, while the children are enjoying their time.

Landscape design can also be used to discover the children’s natural abilities and their love for nature. Landscape design could be a hobby for young children. Landscape design can be a fun hobby for children and will help them discover their interests, abilities, and love for nature.

Lawn care does not have to be restricted to the elderly. This is also a great option for teenagers and children. Dads and moms need to be creative in showing this alternative way of having fun while hanging out. This new task will be a hit with children as they can learn new things.

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How to Landscape Your Beachfront Property in Charleston

Well-planned landscaping can create idyllic surroundings for property owners. Saltwater landscaping is an option. However, you need to consider cost effectiveness, maintenance, and capability. This will ensure that your property has a healthy environment that meets the needs of both nature and your family.

These are some of the top tips for landscaping your beachfront property.

Salt-tolerant greenery is a key element to consider when landscaping the seaside. You should plant greenery with different salt tolerance levels if your house is located within one-eighth of a mile of the Charleston oceanfront. All kinds of plants, including confederate jasmine, Japanese black evergreen, willow Oak, and oleander, are extremely tolerant to salt, sandy soil, and dry conditions.

The percentage of direct sun exposure – This is an important factor to consider when designing and creating a landscape on your beachfront property. Your home’s exposure to sun will affect the plants you choose and the location they are placed. A professional Charleston lawn care and landscaping company can help you determine if the plants you are considering using will tolerate full sun, partial shade, full shade or total shade. Consider any nearby buildings, such as sheds or cabanas that provide partial shade during the day. This will impact the choice of shrubbery and plants you choose.

Hardscape – This is the entire landscape made up of non-grass surfaces. Avoid using non-porous surfaces such as concrete or blacktop for hardscaping. The toxins in water that flows from these surfaces can be carried into the oceans and other bodies of water. Think about what effect you want to create before you start designing hardscapes. You should have a style like mine. Choose only a few materials to bring it to life.

Do not choose a style that is only one color or texture. You should choose two to three visually appealing materials and include them in your beachfront landscaping design.

Porous surfaces such as bricks, gravel, mulch, gravel, and turf block should be used for your landscape design Charleston SC. These porous hardscape surfaces are beneficial for the environment as well as cost-effective and can help reduce water runoff.

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How to landscape your backyard for noise reduction and privacy

People will do anything to reduce the noise and traffic noise in their neighborhoods and around them. One way to reduce noise is clever landscaping Charleston SC. This is a great way to lower the noise level in residential and commercial properties. This can be done by using trees, shrubs and hedges as well as other natural sound barriers.

  • How can you make it happen?
  • These options are available?

Although it won’t completely block out the noise, landscaping art can make it bearable. We’ll be talking about landscaping Charleston SC techniques that can absorb loud sounds.

Evergreen Trees Are A Go

Did you know that all parts of a plant can absorb sound? Even the bark and leaves! Experts recommend trees with thick, lush leaves and numerous branches to delay sounds.

Evergreen trees are a good choice because their leaves don’t change with the seasons.

Tall Hedges

Strong and tall hedges can block noise from busy streets or roads. Hedge plants can be more difficult to maintain than trees and take longer to grow.

Hedges take time to develop and become strong barriers. It’s worth it.

You can plant different shapes and sizes of shrubs

For those looking for low-maintenance noise cancellation, hardy native shrubs are a good choice. For the best shrubs for your climate, talk to your local nursery.

Make some white noise

A running fountain or water feature can provide tranquility for homeowners and businesses who want to create outdoor spaces. It will drown out any other noises and irritants.

Choose a privacy fence

A fence or wall can be built around your property’s perimeter. While walls and fences made of wood, bricks, concrete bricks, or other materials may reduce noise, it will not eliminate it entirely. These materials do not absorb sound but reflect it back into the environment. The sound will still be heard.

These are just some of the options available to reduce noise levels by smart landscaping. These options are both cost-effective as well as effective. We will now examine noise reduction concerns that landscaping may face.

Noise can be reduced by the beauty of the natural landscape and some hardscaping, too.

Landscaping to Block Noisy Sound

Trees should be tall and strong enough.

North Carolina State University believes large trees can reduce noise. This assumes that the trees are sufficiently tall and dense.

Many people don’t have the money or time to build thick walls of trees to shield them from noise.

It is important to plant your plants close to the water source.

The closer trees or hedges are to the source, the better. It won’t matter if you place barriers too far from the source.

It is unlikely that a landscape wall placed 200 feet away from a noise source, but close to a residence, will make any difference.

They should be able to block the line that runs between the noise source and receiver or noise source. Research by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln shows that natural sound barriers should also block sight between receivers and noise sources.

It will not serve its purpose if the barrier is too thin, too thick, or too uneven. Any opening can be penetrated by sound waves, regardless of its size.

Experts believe this is where the “out-of-sight, out of mind” concept may be found. The visual barrier of the trees reduces noise perception, making it less perceivable.

Before you make the investment in landscaping and lawn care, and all that comes with it, consider other options.

Sound Walls: The Success Story

Although walls were mentioned previously, sound walls aren’t made of concrete or wooden. It is made of special absorptive material that absorbs sound and diffuses it, rather than reflecting it.

This is because the environment is very quiet and reflects very little noise. You can still hear sound through walls.

Outdoor design for sound barriers offer many benefits:

  • Landscape noise reduction will be less than an engineered soundwall of the same length and height.
  • Sound walls are not like trees or hedges. They are different from other structures like trees and hedges.
  • The noise panels absorb sound and do not reflect it.
  • You can easily customize the sound-absorbing panels to fit into a variety building shapes and designs.
  • You can find them in many colors and styles.
  • Each system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each project.
  • It is durable and can last a long time
  • It’s a cost-effective solution that works
  • It is good for wildlife and the environment.
  • Employees will feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Noise can have a negative effect on our mental and bodily well-being. A calmer environment can reduce stress, hearing impairments, blood pressure, and other problems. All of these can be made worse by continuous exposure to loud sounds.

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How to landscape for curb appeal

Curb appeal is a key contributor to the value of your home, along with location. What determines curb appeal? The landscaping Charleston SC in your front yard. A study has shown that landscaping can increase your home’s perceived value by 5-11%. Your front yard is what people see when they pass your home or come up to it.

These easy DIY projects and outdoor decor will help you improve your landscaping and curb appeal. These projects can be completed in a weekend and are affordable.

These are 12 front yard landscaping tips that will add curb appeal to your home.

1. Rock features can be added

Even if you are using a different material to border your garden beds, rocks and stones can be used to add a natural accent. Rocks can also be used to beautify your front yard. For example, you could make a spillway for your rain gutters. This will prevent the area from becoming too muddy. You can also break up a bed and add pea gravel borders along your walkways. Depending on the amount of surface you cover, this project will cost between $20 and $50.

2. Add lighting

The best thing about landscaping lights is that they are solar-powered and inexpensive. You can choose the colors you want, place them in the ground near your walkway, or border a flowerbed and allow them to power up at night.

Upgrades can be made to add unique features such as lanterns or lighting that recesses into walkways, or faux rocks that blend seamlessly into the landscape with integrated lights.

3. Hardscaping

It is easy to update or refresh the borders on your flowerbeds and change the look of the plants and other features. Pre-made blocks, natural stone, and pavers are all great options, depending on the style of your home.

4. To hide unsightly areas, plant groundcover

Some yards may not be flat and grass will not grow in all areas. Ground covers, such as Pachysandra can be used to give greenery and color in areas that are difficult or shaded. Ground cover doesn’t have to take over areas where grass or other features are shining. It can be maintained with seasonal lawn care.

5. Plant shrubs in your front yard

Perennial shrubs like Hydrangeas as well as Azaleas can be planted year after year to bring color to your front yard. They are inexpensive at around $40 and easy to maintain. For more information on planting perennials, such as how to place them in the right space and when to prune, or how to trim them to avoid unwieldy growth, consult your local nursery.

6. Make a garden around your mailbox

Place annual flowers or Creeping Jasmine next to your mailbox. A simple border can be used to add a bit of mulch. The entire scape is easy to create and costs only $75. It can also add personality and color to your driveway’s end.

7. Recycle old mulch

Mulch in a garden bed does not necessarily mean it looks great. Mulch can dry and make your garden beds look worse for wear. Mulch can dry out, leaving your landscape looking drab. Use a dark-colored mulch to revive your landscaping. It will look great with shrubbery and flowers. Bags of mulch can be purchased at your local home improvement shop for as low as $10 per bag. Your flowerbed size will determine how much mulch you need.

8. Flower bed

A flower bed can give your front yard a lot more character if it already has a tree. These beds should be matched or at least aligned with the front of your home. You can add color with perennials and annuals. This project can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on what border you choose and the plants you purchase.

9. Get your grass cut.

Your house’s original charm can be lost if your lawn is dull. Renting an aerator machine will increase the nutrients’ penetration, resulting in a lusher and healthier lawn. A simple reseeding will fill in any gaps and prevent patches from developing on your entire property.

10. Shade trees can be planted

A native hardwood tree will add beauty and color to your home’s exterior with its bright spring blooms or vibrant fall colors. Although some trees can be expensive and require special care, the majority of trees in your area are resilient and hardy and are affordable at your local nursery. A large tree will cost you between $100 and $200, plus delivery costs.

11. Ornamental colored trees can be planted

A large shade tree will add an elegant touch to your front yard landscaping. However, a subtle pop of color from a Japanese maple or other colorful trees such as the Japanese maple will create a focal point in your yard. While some Japanese maples are expensive, others can be found for as low as $100. These trees are also easy to grow and can be used by beginners. Cherry trees are a bold choice if you feel brave.

12. Set up a birdbath

A lightweight, antique-style birdbath can be purchased for as low as $40. Birdbaths can be used to create a water feature in your garden without having to worry about water connections or maintenance. You’ll be a bird-watcher in no time.

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Install a lawn irrigation system to save money, time, and energy

Summer should not be spent tending to the yard, worrying over your water bills, and untangling the gardenhose. Many homeowners have installed lawn irrigation system Charleston SC to cut down on time and money. These units can help you save water if they are correctly installed and used. These units are ideal for people who have large yards with uneven surfaces or plants, as well as people who travel in the summer. These units can be programmed to water the lawn and keep it healthy after installation.

Irrigation System Charleston SC Installation

There are two lawn care options when it comes to selecting the right sprinkler-head. Both the rotor and spray heads can be used to water your lawn. However, they have different watering methods. Because it gives off more water in a shorter time, a spray head is commonly used on smaller and flat pots of land. There are many spray nozzles available. They can be used at different distances and in different patterns.

Because of its rotating nozzle, the rotor head’s name is Rotor Head. This rotor head is ideal for large yards because it has a lower rate of application. It can also be used on uneven and sloping yards. When it comes to watering, it is similar to a spray nozzle and a few sprinklers. It is possible to water large lawns in a long time, but this is a drawback. A larger nozzle will have fewer chances of getting clogged, which is beneficial for your yard maintenance.

No matter what type of sprinkler you use, one thing is certain. It will provide many benefits. You can waste more water by buying sprinklers at your local hardware stores. They will water your driveway more than your yard. The garden hose must be reoiled, untangled and spread throughout the yard. You can’t save the energy and time you spend trying to turn off the sprinkler. If you have a Charleston irrigation system that can be set to turn on and off at certain times, this will not be an issue. Each system will ensure that your lawn gets the right amount of water, especially in the areas where it is most needed.

Installing an irrigation system in your landscaping can help you save money. Summer is a time when homeowners are most likely to pay high water bills. This is because their lawn needs to be maintained by being watered regularly. Installing an irrigation system will ensure that you have a predictable and low water bill. By switching on and off at regular intervals, these units can help you save money and water. These systems target lawn roots so that runoff is kept to a minimum. You will also be helping the environment.

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Shade Landscaping For Greater Variety in Your Garden

Various parts of a garden might have entirely different conditions, shade landscaping takes advantage of those locations which have light-limited in some way. The sunshine in a garden may be restricted by synthetic barriers such as the wall of a house or garden wall, or natural challenges such as trees and foliage; light barriers might have been put up with the express function of producing shade otherwise a shaded area may be the result of a totally different need. In all cases there are plants that grow or struggle with these conditions and the wise garden enthusiast will look into the plant options offered prior to preparing, developing, and purchasing.

There is not simply one kind of shade, nor of shaded location. There is the area that is shaded throughout the early morning but captures the sun in the afternoon, and there is the area that sees the early morning sun however not the afternoon. Then there is the shade produced by overhead foliage which might keep an area without direct sun or perhaps under a continuous mottled light; the favored scenario for fuchsias, for example.

The shade areas are often categorized as deep shade, part shade, and dappled shade areas. In all cases there are plants from which to choose, choices to be made. In gardens where no shade or little shade is available the planting of trees, shrubs, and the erecting of well-positioned barriers can create these areas to enable a range of plants to grow in your garden. In particularly hot environments like Charleston a perpetually shaded location planted with rhododendrons can be a wonderful retreat and might welcome a seat to be positioned there too. It’s also easy to manage which is a plus point when it comes to yard care Charleston SC.

Shade areas are reasonably simple to keep parts of your garden too. So that won’t be a problem when it comes to lawn care. Generally, plants that delight in shade do not require a lot of water; understanding your plant’s requirements is, as always, the primary consideration. A plant that enjoys one sort of shade will not necessarily enjoy another kind; although some are more versatile than others. Those plants which delight in strong sunlight are least likely to endure shade; likewise, those plants which take pleasure in deep shade will not endure much direct sunshine. Shade landscaping includes a higher variety to the plant life of your garden and may even offer some welcome comfort for an overheated gardener.

Spring is right around the corner and now is the time to call Porter Hayes Landscaping for their assistance with planning your landscape design project. They have years of experience with local trees, plants, and flowers and can assist you with making wise decisions with your lawn.

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Why is landscaping important?

Landscaping says many things about a house. It’s the main component in the curb appeal of your home. It sets the tone for the remainder of the design of your home, both exterior and interior. But, landscaping provides benefits that go beyond visual aesthetics. Keep on reading so you’ll learn more about how important it is to have well-maintained and designed landscaping for your house.

Why Having a Beautiful Landscaping is Important

Boost Your Home Value

You may be surprised to know that a beautiful landscape could boost the value of your house. Attractive landscapes boost the value of houses by up to 11.4%. What is really interesting here is that landscaping has added the most to houses located in South Carolina.

Drainage and Runoff

Landscaping will also let homeowners control the storm runoff as well as drainage. Whenever it rains, water must flow away from your house. When it accumulates around the home’s base, it could lead to significant damage to your property. It will create a great environment for mold and rot. Thankfully, expert landscaping Charleston SC could protect against such problems by making sure that your lawn has the right runoff and drainage.

Encourage Outdoor Living

About 70% of houses these days have an outdoor living space, based on a survey performed by the American Home Furnishings Alliance. A landscape that’s been well designed will promote outdoor living by making a functional and attractive environment. Homeowners, as well as their families, could enjoy evenings on their decks or patio, with a stunning landscape that will set the tone in the background.

Energy Efficiency

One of the lesser-known advantages of lawn care and landscaping is its ability to cut down the overall energy usage of the house. Shrubs and trees that are placed strategically will make shade, which could reduce the cooling costs within the summer season. A certain study found that the trees that shade the roof of a home will make the inside much cooler by about 10 degrees, which is a significant amount to say the very least.

Easier to Sell Your House

Of course, a great landscape would also make it much easier in terms of selling your house. It’s hard to get possible buyers to even go inside your house in case the yard is a mess. That’s why yard maintenance is crucial. On the other hand, a landscape that’s well maintained will encourage potential buyers to tour inside your house. It’s not the best way to sell a house but it will make the process a lot easier.

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Tips for Landscaping Around Your In Ground Pool?

Conventionally, above ground swimming pools are usually thought of as eyesores because they don’t look good and stick up about four feet off the ground. A few of the more luxurious above ground purchasers have a higher budget for their swimming pool and its appearance in the backyard. That is where landscaping Charleston SC comes into the picture.

A big four-foot cylinder installed in the middle of the yard could easily look ugly. However, if you add some landscaping surrounding it, the entire yard could appear really inviting and nice. You might be surprised how this cylinder could look after you add a few small trees, a few shrubs, walkways, decorative borders, rocks, mulch, as well as a nice deck. With the appropriate landscaping, above ground swimming pools could look wonderful.

The Basics of Landscaping an Above Ground Pool

Just like most things, landscaping would look really great when there’s a lot of planning and symmetry. Just make sure that you don’t plant just anything anywhere. First, you should visual how the whole yard would look.

Border the Swimming Pool

The bottom of the swimming pool must be maintained on the outside and all the way around. Begin there by making a border of some type of at least one foot away from the track’s bottom. There are several borders to select from like plastic ones, concrete, stone, and timber. You can also add mulch or decorative rock to this spot. It would create an appealing transition and encourage good drainage surrounding the swimming pool that requires minimal lawn care maintenance. That alone would make the swimming pool look a lot better.

You should think about where the equipment of the swimming pool is. If it is visible from the home, you should landscape around it again with rocks, mulch, and a border. And perhaps some tiny shrubs so you can hide it a bit.

Add a Walkway

It doesn’t matter how far your swimming pool is from your home, add a walkway is almost needed for the maintenance of the swimming pool and the house. You can add it to the other hardscaping element that you plan to add to your lawn. Bathers who travel back and forth on the dirt and grass could make a much bigger mess than what you may think. Making an excellent landscaped walkway is a wonderful opportunity to add to the appearance of the pool. There are so many things you can do here as a few use patio stones for the steps and then timbers as their borders.

Add a Deck and Landscape

Above ground swimming pool decks differ a bit in their looks and size. There are options that are very basic and small. They have a basic handrail and only steps. The other types are huge. They surround the pool with a luxurious rail and integrated plants and seating. Regardless of the style and size, all of the decks will look much better with a little landscaping around them, which will require minimal yard maintenance. Place a few potted plants if there’s available space on the deck.

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Issues To Consider With Pool Landscaping

With pool landscaping, there are a number of issues you will need to consider in addition to visual impact. A pool needs to look beautiful, and will often do so with little additional consideration except where to put it, but it requires a Charleston landscape designer to place it so that it fits its environment and doesn’t look like it’s been dropped into place indiscriminately; furthermore, the landscape designer must address other elements such as safety and privacy within their plans and design.

A Charleston landscape designer says that plants can serve to integrate an in-ground swimming pool into a beautiful backyard escape. Their shapes contrast the more rigid lines of a pool and break up the more uniform lines and shapes of the pool. They soften the surfaces overall and bring the garden to the pool, rather than allow the pool merely to enter the garden. From the pool user’s point of view, it can create a far more relaxed environment and give even the pools manufactured and watery interior a sense of being integrated and natural.

Types of Plants for Pools Charleston Landscape Design

It is not, of course, necessary to insist upon plants that can reside in a wet environment since a pool is unlikely to greatly affect the water levels in the local area as a natural waterhole or pond would; so the first consideration might be to choose plants which require little in the way of lawn maintenance Charleston SC, little pruning and are not likely to drop many leaves or fruit into the pool thereby creating greater pool maintenance problem.

For safety reasons an area of decking or concrete will often surround a pool, providing a solid and non-slip surface for bathers; this might encourage the use of potted plants or enclosed plant beds near the pool so that the possibility of the wet ground either on the poolside or in the pool can be minimized. Trees will often be grown close to a pool for their decorative effect but also for the shade they provide; both from the sun and as a means for providing privacy to bathers in and out of the pool. Shrubs, bushes, and low fences might be used in similar ways.

Properly attending to your pool landscaping and lawn care needs will ensure you end up with a relaxing and safe environment that will be as nice to look at as to be in and look out from.

Porter Hayes Landscaping has extensive experience in creating a poolside landscaping design that is both functional and eye-appealing. Call today to discuss your dream backyard escape and landscape design.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Patio Materials

There are many patio materials to choose from in the market these days. Most of the most popular ones can be obtained from home improvement centers or landscaping stores. They can be used for minor and major projects. They can be used not only for the construction of patios but also other outdoor structures. They can be used on walkways, driveways, retaining walls, and more. Just don’t forget to choose materials that will blend with the surroundings and complement or match the other materials used in your landscape or garden.

It is also important for you to consider the long-term maintenance and practicality of your chosen patio materials. Many homeowners only take the cost into account just like when they’re installing outdoor lighting. This should not be the case. You do not always need the cheapest material. You also need to consider how long the materials will last and the type of maintenance it requires. So, provided below are some of the most common patio materials available today. If you are unsure, you can always hire professional patio installation services.

Real Stone

If you are looking for a Charleston patio material that has a natural look, then you should go for real stone. However, you need to be ready to pay more because real stones are expensive but also durable. You need to hire a skilled landscaping contractor for its installation. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Real stones can withstand high foot traffic, needs minimal maintenance, and can last for several decades.

Stone Veneer

If you are in search of a lighter and more affordable alternative to real stone, then you should consider getting a stone veneer. You can easily cut it using a typical saw. It is as durable as the other patio materials but requires less maintenance. Additionally, stone veneers are easier to find.

Plain Concrete

Cement or plain concrete is by far the easiest material in terms of maintenance and by far the most affordable material in the market today. You can start with a plain patio that is made of concrete. Once you are ready for an upgrade, you can lay new materials on the existing concrete flooring. It can serve as a strong foundation that is not prone to cracking.

Colored or Stamped Concrete

Colored or stamped concrete is becoming increasingly popular because of its practicality. It can be stamped or molded, as its name suggests. It can look just like brick, cobblestone, and other patio materials. It is available in different colors and textures, This option is ideal for those who are on a shoestring budget and looking for a practical and affordable material for their patio. Colored or stamped concrete is a bit more expensive than ordinary concrete, but it is definitely worth the investment. Provided that you hire a skilled landscaping contractor, this material can offer amazing decorative effects.


Brick is among the most popular choices when it comes to patio materials. It is known for its easy installation, simple lawn care Charleston SC, and marvelous, making it the top choice for DIY enthusiasts. It offers a conventional appeal and is also very durable.

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